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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Screenprinted totem cards

I finally had a full day in the screenprint studio this past weekend and I made more totem cards to go with the corresponding jewelry.   

Each totem card can come in purple or green lace.  Most of these cards measure 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 and make wonderful personal cards for friends, family and loved ones that may need strength and guidance during troubled times.  Many cultures and religions around the world call upon specific animals (and often regard them as deities) to be their personal totem so that they may gain their special qualities and protection.  

One of my totem animals was a beaver, initially I was surprised; I never guessed it would be a beaver but the beaver came to me because I was building my dream to become a metalsmith and jeweler, slowly preparing my portfolio to apply to art school.  Beavers are diligent and wonderful at creating a home, and make hardy planners and work tirelessly until their goal is achieved.  The beaver was with me until I was accepted to ECU. 

I hope you like my cards as much as I like them!
Barn owl print with purple lace background.  This card comes with all owl talon jewelry.
Stag print with green lace.  Comes with any deer antler jewelry.

Raven/Crow print on purple lace.  Comes with raven jewelry.
Bear print on green lace.  This print comes with any bear charm purchase.
And last but not least, the badger.  This print comes with the badger pendant
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