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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Crow - Giveaway ends tonight!

The crow is such an amazingly intelligent and tricky bird.  Here is some lore about them: Their ability for watching has given them a reputation for thievery. Crows and all corvines are easily imprinted with the image of their keeper. In Roman mythology raven and crows used to be as white as swans. In fact a white crow watched over Apollo's pregnant lover at Delphos. One day the crow brought bad news to Apollo and was turned black.

Crows were also used to carry messages far and wide during medieval times.

In honor of the first day of summer, June 20th, I'm doing a giveaway.  This is my first giveaway and I'm very happy to do it, I've had so many wonderful supporters of my jewelry and this is my way of thanking them and you - for cheering me on.  

To enter leave a message on my blog.  Tonight I will put all the names in a hat/bowl/bucket and randomly draw a name.  I'll announce the winner tomorrow and you will receive the Hunted Crow Claw charm and chain!

Crow (Corvis)

Ancient bronze crow claw pendant and oxidized sterling silver chain (28")
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  1. This is too beautiful!! I love your work. And I would totally go around poking people with that crow claw. ;)

  2. I am also hoping to be the magic name pulled from your hat/bowl/bucket.. I'm crossing claws. :)

  3. Lisette! I would die to have this amazing claw pendant! I love it!!