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Thursday, June 21, 2012

And the Giveaway winner is...

This morning I tossed in all twelve names for my first giveaway in honor of Mid Summer.  The lucky winner will receive The Hunted Crow claw charm and chain.

Thank you everyone who left a comment, my heart is full of all the wonderful compliments!   And the lucky winner is....
All twelve names (in a beautiful bowl a friend gifted to me).

Oh the anticipation!

Suzanne! My old high school friend.

And don't fret for those of you that entered - I will do another giveaway towards the end of the year and  special promotions, so stay tuned.  Thank you again!

P.S. Suzanne will you message me your address?
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  1. I am so excited Lisette! I will send you a picture as soon as I wear it. I did message you through Facebook :)

  2. Me too! I'm happy you got it and can't wait to see you wearing it. Miss you!

  3. What a lucky girl! I would be so honored to have one of your pieces of jewelry, Lisette! You are so creative!

    xx Adrian

  4. Thank you Adrian, you would wear my jewelry so well. Stay tuned for more promos in the future.