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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Casting studio

I can't believe I have never done a post about the actual casting station area at ECU! Lately I've been casting almost every weekend, so why not?

I really love casting because you get to manipulate metal and watch it in it's liquid form, it's entrancing and I also enjoy it because you get to share the experience with a partner.  While one person is heating the metal, the other person needs to remove the hot flask from the kiln and place it in the carrier before it's released and the molten metal is shot into the flask. 

Old wax injections and splattered wax...kinda looks like blood.

The dusty centrifuge casting area. I can't wait to one day have my own.
Look at all that splattered metal...lil' mishap.
And the kiln area where we refine metal or do vacuum casting.
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