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Friday, April 20, 2012

ECU graduating Spring exhibitions

More amazing exhibitions by ECU graduating students. Many of them my friends, so talented and passionate about their work.

Kat Cole and Abigail representing the ECU Metals graduate program put together a cohesive and expansive body of work. Both of them showing their skills not only in metals/jewelry but sculpture (Kat Cole) and paper/printmaking (Abigail Heuss).

Then there was the magical, almost faerie like worlds of Mike McAteer, using all sorts of material, polymer clay, epoxy, metal etc. to make his sculptural pieces.

And Linda Fox, whom I don't know very well but truly enjoyed her dreamy and deadly photographs, melding several images to create inner worlds of animals and landscapes of Eastern North Carolina.

There are still more shows coming up and I'll try to post more photos. Hope you enjoy!

Kate Cole 2012.

Kat Cole's tin and enameled necklaces.

Abigail Heuss cloisonne enamel pendant/necklace, 2012.

Abigail's enamel and tin necklaces.
All made with the tiniest and intentional details.

Abigail Heuss' family tree of spoons.
So intricately detailed and special.

All of Mike's pieces are handmade,
and intentional, right down to the dew on the glass.

Mike McAteer's magicial mini-worlds.

I wouldn't want to be in this spider's web!

Justin Campbell, Mike McAteer, Ashley Pierce
celebrating the evenings shows.

Linda Fox, 2012

Linda Fox, 2012.
I wish I could purchase this beautiful photograph.

As always, thank you for reading!
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