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Monday, April 23, 2012

Visiting Artist: Fred Fenster

This past weekend the ECU Metals Guild hosted renowned metalsmith/pewtersmith Fred Fenster for a 3 day workshop.  Fred Fenster is somewhat of a legend and pioneer in our field and many of us were really excited to host him for the weekend.  Fred taught one of our own professors, Mi-Sook Hur at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is good friends with Bob Ebendorf.  

Apart from Fred's talented and innovative ways of using pewter's soft metal properties, he was also endearingly funny and had some great stories to tell about his travels in Europe and Asia when he researched the history of pewter.

I was so, so annoyed that the same weekend Fred came to town I got sick! Not just one day sick, but strep throat sick.  Anywho, I luckily caught his presentation the evening before he began his workshop and learned some of his tricks.   

Pewter really does have amazing properties, the fact that you can hold your pewter while soldering (because of it's low melting temperature 465 degrees Fahrenheit) and that you can twist and move it into such amazing shapes without all the grueling work of raising is quite amazing.  

Fred showing us how to measure and cut sheet pewter properly.
Fred telling us one of his funny stories.
Bob Ebendorf and Dejan listening intently.
Casting pewter spoons.
Casting pewter in wood! Very cool.

A short lil' video I snapped of Fred.

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