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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Construction Exhibition photos

So along with missing the Fred Fenster workshop I also missed my classmates Senior Exhibition, Tara Locklear, Nick Heyl and Crystal Lin - talk about terrible timing!!! Grr, however, I did snap photos of their exhibition and here they are.  I really, really loved how Tara displayed her jewelry on these vintage photos of female steel workers - it really brought home the use of material and tying it into the style of that era, costume jewelry and Tara's innovation with enamel decals.

Crystal and Nick's work was just as impressive - they are masters at manipulating copper and fabrication.  I so want Crystal's fork, spoon and knife, she carved from wax the handles!  And Nick's family series of caps for the fabricated vessel was very symbolic of his life as an adopted child.

Steel worker wearing Tara Lockear's steel enameled earrings. 
Female Steel workers, wearing Tara's enameled Steel earrings.

Tara Locklear's Skate Deck Series.
Crystal Lin's reversible chain mail necklace.
Nick Heyl's beautifully copper blue teapot.
Nick Heyl's metaphorical family ancestors.
And here is a short yet funny video of Tara showing us a sneak peak into her process and installation piece for the senior show. And also check out the ECU undergrad studio!

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