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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh Coco Chanel, how I admire thee

Early this evening, while reading through the Wall Street Journel's, Spring 2011 Design issue, I was reminded, once again of my adoring and utmost respect for Coco Chanel. She was, in my opinion (perhaps there were earlier), first womens' fashion designer.

Coco made a movement, for women to dress in casual outdoors wear but also many other fashion 'taboo's, such as wearing costume jewelry instead of real gemstone jewelry in the daytime. She was a pioneer in so many ways. As you can imagine, I have a bit of a girl crush on her, one of my many crushes. It's so important to have role models and women to admire and know that if they made it, I too can make it!

Okay, so back to the other reason why I'm posting this; the WSJ article also writes about how Karl Lagerfield went back to, and employed, the custom embroiderers, shoemakers, jewelers and textile artists of Paris to work on this Meteiers D'Art design collection. What a revelation and celebration for Lagerfield to return or perhaps concretely employ of true artisans to create the line.

About a year ago I watched several movies on Coco Chanel, her life and experience of being a fashion designer. She was so resolute and unyielding in her belief of true fashion and art. She never married and had several passionate relationships; you can see the wistfulness but also deep dedication to her art.

It's ironic yet amazing that I've met women in my own field of metalsmithing, just like Coco.

Well, thanks for reading and hope you had a great weekend!
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