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Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiration resource: National Geographic

This past Christmas I received a subscription to National Geo from my parents, and it's been such a resource for me. Their photographs, and stories, feature some of the most intriguing creatures and landscapes.

I like to tear out the photos and paste them in my notebook for references and ideas. As my previous blog post/quote states - nature is the ultimate creator or better said, evidence of the creator offering wonder and awe.

And as cliche as it is, butterfly's have beautiful design patterns...
A peacock butterfly

New photos of space and the universe.

A terrifying volcano.

Pattern on the back of a cobra hood.

Rattlesnake. *awesome power and repeating design.

I'm finding that much of the work I'm making is so related to my own habitat and geographical location, example using deer antler from local hunters, and black coral from Panama. I think it's my own need and being raised as a youth across the globe to connect with where I live and find meaning in it.

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