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Sunday, May 23, 2010

new earrings

Here is my initial sketch and stones for a pair of earrings. The stones were actually one...but they broke! Why waste such a pretty agate stone? I plan on prong setting them in sterling silver. When I left the studio the prongs were already in, next step is soldering the back hooks for chain earrings.
Here are 3 of my 'paper lantern' coral earrings. I'd been contemplating how to make some sophisticated, funky and unusual earrings. I take a small piece of already used or scrap silver and roll it out to a very thin sheet and then pierce out swirly/curvy designs and lastly attaching a large piece of coral. Overall, I'm very satisfied and plan on selling these on my website and future etsy site.

I'm taking photos tomorrow, with the help of metals grad student, Laura Wood. I'll finally have some decent ones! Pin It

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