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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ECU metals charm swap

Another fun charm swap! And this time, with my friend/fellow metals student, was able to get Jim Cotter and Bob Ebendorf to provide pins! We were all very excited about this and were anxious to begin the swapping.

Mine is in the top row, middle one with the round object/shell from Panama with dangling coffee beans. Jim's is to the left of mine with the large golden clothes pin.
Bob's is in the bottom right corner.

The other charms are Laura Woods (of course the large print makes it stand out). Marissa Saneholtz's is the small hand grenade, very unexpected for her style. Kat Cole made her charm with tin and beach glass, I really like the glass.

Tara Locklear made hers with cut out skateboard hammered brass (I got Tara's charm). And of course Sarah West's geometrical steel wire charm. I really like the new work Sarah's been doing.

Tara has been the force behind organizing the charm swaps, which I'm very happy she has. It's so great to share a small pieces of our work; despite our busy lives it creates community within the metals studio (grad and undergrad). Tara has an awesome goal of continuing a tradition of inviting professional metalsmiths to participate in the charm swap even if they are not present for the swapping...hence Jim Cotter, whom recently visited our studio for a demo and critique.

We've already set a goal to have our next one in July and I'm already looking forward to it. Pin It

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