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Thursday, May 20, 2010

did someone call for the doctor? the jewelry doctor?

I began working part time this week at the jewelry doctor and I'm already learning so much!

I'm really loving it. Such a breath of...jewelry dust (not fresh air)...to work with my hands and be away from a desk and computer.

Ellis, the owner, will do the repairs (sizing, chain repairs, checking prongs and/or settings stones) while I clean them up. I grind down the solder seams, file, and file some more, more filing and then polishing.

My bench at the repair shop

Ellis is a really patient and good teacher. Before even working part time, I came in once a week for an hour to get trained. Ellis gave me several tests and had me take in orders. It's such a great experience to learn this side of the jewelry business. Repairing jewelry is very different from actually making a piece.

In that you have to understand the properties of whatever your repairing, in addition to assessing the type of repair it needs.

Here I am with my magnifying glasses; looking completely dorky and happy!

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