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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Washington DC City Paper featured the Brigid Bridal Collection

I have to say I've been quite fortunate to receive press lately, especially from participating in local craft shows.  Prior to the Crafty Bastards show in DC several weeks ago, I was contacted by the City Paper for images of my work to be included in the insert of their weekly publication.

And I simply love the way they paired Eilisain Jewelry with Heart of Gold headpieces, they look perfect together! And on the front page of the vendor sneak peek, it really made me happy.  

Brigid Collection rings, photo by Tara Locklear.

The awesome photo Tara Locklear took of the Brigid Rings
One other way I've been very fortunate is to have a fantastic photographer! Tara does such a great job of not only photographing my pieces in groups like the image above but she also edits them very well.   It's been such a relief to trust someone to know how to photograph my pieces just right and Tara get's it.  So if you ever need a person to photograph your work I highly recommend Tara Locklear!

As always, thanks for reading and stay beautiful!
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