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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ECU Metals symposium presenter lineup

Wow I can't believe it's October and I also can't believe that we're already seeing posts for the annual ECU Symposium 2016.

As usual I'm super excited for the symposium and seeing all my old friends/classmates as well as participating in all the great workshops.  Every year the metals grad students and undergrads do a killer job of presenting thoughtful discussions and selecting fantastic presenters.  The symposium is completely student run and I'm always amazed at how they cover every detail and make the school welcoming to so many attendees. 

I'm even more excited about the symposium as I'll be curating an exhibition in conjunction with the symposium that will be held at Art Avenue, of course?! I haven't curated an exhibition since Preyed Upon, which was back in 2012.

The Afterlife exhibition will display works/objects that give new life to the bones of the departed.  Bone art has existed for as long as humans have been alive and the significance to bones is deeply rooted in many cultures.  Over the past several years I've come across some amazing artists that use bone in such fascinating ways.  We will be releasing the call for entries soon, in the meantime I wanted to drop a lil hint.

Afterlife Exhibition print design by Kayla Staigvil

Sarah West represented at the Jewelry Edition pop up at the ECU Symposium 2015
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  1. I might have something that fit into this exhibit. :-)

  2. Sweet! I look forward to seeing it!