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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Transition and making changes

It's interesting how when the weather changes or it becomes, Autumn/Spring, especially I find that some pretty major life changes happen - especially for me.

Over the past several months I've weighed heavily on my work schedule and how to best manage my time.  Some of you, my dear readers, may or may not know that I juggle about 3 different jobs.  While of course my main focus is running Eilisain Jewelry, I also teach classes at Emerge one night a week, I work part time at a law firm and I also worked at a jewelry repair shop - whew! Just typing that out sorta stresses me out.

I love staying busy and I managed this for awhile however I never really felt like this was productive for me.  In comes a special email I received about a month ago from Ashton Neibel, a recent SCAD BFA graduate, inquiring if she could work for me.  Well, as you can imagine with juggling three jobs I was in no position to hire, however I was definitely looking for an apprentice and team member.

And thus I made the decision to cut down my work load and increase my hours in the studio and have Ashton work with me at Art Avenue.  I just started this schedule this week however I'm already feeling incredibly light and fulfilled.  Even though this could be a pay cut, I'm much happier with my work load and future - so stay tuned, the future is bright and exciting!
Life can be a basket full of flowers! Photo by Aileen Devlin.

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