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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review, sayonara 2013

When I mentally review how this year has gone by I'm overcome with gratitude for the many opportunities and blessings that have come my way.  

Here's a short list of my accomplishments and lessons:

  • My business grew twofold
  • my studio practice is more organized and exciting.  
  • I've worked with so many talented artists from various methods (photography, graphic design, fashion, writers and more)
  • Jewelry published on the cover of Eide Magazine, featured in Bella Magazine, The East Carolinian, The Daily Reflector, Equinox exhibition postcard and soon to be in Behind the Brooch (you can order it now!)
  • I co-produced my first fashion show, Auerlian nights
  • released my first video & lookbook
  • worked with Art Avenue to promote their events and increase membership
Lessons & Goals:
  • Before jumping in headfirst to wholesale, I've begun consignment then transitioning to wholesale
  • Cushion more time into preparing for a large project, like a fashion show and lookbook
  • CONTRACTS are essential when working with other artists and individuals
  • Research deadlines for grants, exhibitions and shows.  Several opportunities I could've used slipped by because I didn't write them down or research for them. 
  • Save more money and draft an advertising & marketing plan
One of the outtakes from a photo session with Aileen Devlin.

My new slightly cramped but cozy space at Art Avenue

Thanks for reading! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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