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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Maybe Sparrow

 I love it when I'm offered/invited to participate in an exhibition because it gives me the opportunity and excuse to create a one of a kind piece that deviates a bit from what I normally make.  In essence, I get to play and that is always fun!

Every year Equinox Gallery in San Antonio, TX  participates and hosts a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) exhibition.  This year, I wanted my piece to not be the traditional Catrina (mistress of the dead) or something so identifiable.  I also wanted to use the bird bones and skull that my future mother in law gifted me (she always finds some cool dead animal on their property).

I incorporated my signature Vespa shape, the pentagon, to highlight the skull.  I named this piece Maybe Sparrow after one of my favorite Neko Case songs; I'm just so pleased with this piece.  I hope you like it too!
Maybe Sparrow, 2013 cast bird bones in sterling silver and bird skull in bronze.
Photo by Lisette Fee, all rights reserved. 

Maybe Sparrow, 2013 
Maybe Sparrow, 2013 
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