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Thursday, October 24, 2013

final Penlandia post

So I know I've been super behind on blog posts and my last Penland post.  What can I say the holidays are right around the corner and things are about to get cray-cray!!

But nonetheless I'd like to share the last of the Penland posts, with photos taken from the studio visit, and this one below of the River Arts District in Asheville.  

Everytime I go to Asheville there is a new place to visit!

the gorgeous moths (and other bugs) collected at Penland.

Penland Resident Artists studio visits with Dustin Farnsworth (wood) and Micah Evans (Glass)

Creepy cool,  Dustin sculpts the faces from wood!

Micah's glass is just ridiculous, so imaginative and fragile.

And Micah at work, so badass!

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  1. Did Micah do the yellow sculpture in the middle? That is really kewl!

  2. Yes he did! he was super sick to watch in person