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Friday, April 12, 2013

Momentary Myth

So many exciting things are happening within the next several weeks, it's hard for me to contain myself! However, I can now give you some of the details.  

On May 11th, I will be exhibiting my jewelry alongside the photography of Sim Asher, we named it Momentary Myth and it will be at Art Avenue Contemporary Gallery & Studios, from 8-10pm.  It will be a month long exhibition showcasing my jewelry in the wilderness of eastern North Carolina.  The title came from the Beachhouse song, Myth.

I met with Sim almost two months ago to discuss the project of shooting my first lookbook (which will be presented at the exhibition) and Sim was immediately on board.  Sim's photography is so much like my jewelry, rough, wild and inspired by the wilderness surrounding Greenville.  

Not only did I get a fantastic photographer, but beautiful and fun models, a talented hair and makeup artist, as well as Spike Hoban to shoot a video!!!! Which I'll also release at the exhibition - but you will get the first look here about a week before the show.  Can you tell I'm bursting at the seams with excitement?!?

Here are just some of the beautiful shots Sim took. 
Ashleigh Bowden wearing the aragonite burst earrings.  Sim Asher photography all rights reserved.  
Ashleigh wearing the Deep Sea Necklace.  Sim Asher Photography all rights reserved.
 There are several more photos on my website, which you'll also notice some slight changes I made.  I hope you like it and I hope you can come to the exhibition.

Thank you as always for reading. xo

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