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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sneak peak of Poseidon Collection

Winter has certainly provided me with the time to work away in the studio while the cold air swirls outside...or inside, as the heater isn't working in Art Avenue! ha but I'm not complaining, I've got two little heaters in my studio space.

Okay so enough of weather, I'm very excited to provide you with a sneak peak of the Poseidon Collection.  This collection is sea inspired, in a kingly and godlike manner, thus named after the Greek God Poseidon however it is a collection that I made with the intention that it is affordable and wallet friendly.

I started working with brass because it is so rich and golden but not as costly as real gold.  And it works so well with the matte black of the electroformed coral.  And knowing me, I can rarely ever let a piece of jewelry go without adding rough gems to it! Purple and black are one of the best color combinations, in my opinion.

The Poseidon Collection is set to release in about a week, and will be exclusively sold in select locations  (TBD) and through my website. 
Instagram shot of the Poseidon cuff: brass, amethyst, sterling silver & electroformed black coral.

Aquamarine chips, sterling silver and electroformed black coral.

Along with the new collection I'm releasing next weekend, I'll be working on a fancy fashion lookbook and video! Finally, those two projects have been at the top of my list for a long time.  So stay tuned my dear readers and thank you for visiting.

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