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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All the World's a Stage

and all the men and women merely players - William Shakespeare.

Yesterday I received my copy of Savage Beauty, exhibition book of Alexander McQueen's fashion and runway shows.  Alexander McQueen was more than a fashion designer but a true artist, his work and shows were a canvas for him to express so many concepts, ideas and points in history.  

I devoured the book last night and took away some new ways to think about my own jewelry and the concept behind each collection.  I want to emulate the way Alexander took bits and pieces from history, his own life and that of nature into making his definition of how he saw the world.  

Here are several of his pieces that I'm truly in love with:

It's A Jungle out There Winter/Autumn 97-98, Alexander McQueen. All photos courtesy of Met website
Elect/Dissect, Winter/Autumn 97-98 (House of Givenchy).  All photos courtesy of Met website.
Widows of Culloden, Winter/Autumn 06-07. All photos courtesy of Met website

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