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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How jewelry can help you

Several weeks ago I was watching one of my favorite fantasy movies, Neverending Story, and it hit me that really, the story and main character would not have achieved his goal if it weren't for the Orin (means "light; pale; pine tree; fair, pale").  In essence a piece of jewelry, adornment was the main ingredient for his success.  The Orin guides him and leads him in the right direction.  How powerful is that?

Most of the time, the average person does not think about how their jewelry will aid them throughout the day - but if it's gone - then for some reason we are at lost and upset.

I like to think of my jewelry in that way, as a talisman and an aid in guiding you in your daily life.  Such as the Resurrection Beetle ring; beetles have long been associated with rebirth and awakening your soul.  Beetles also teach us how to communicate effectively and solve problems by thinking creatively. 

18kt gold plated bronze beetle ring with crystal quartz.
Next time you put on your jewelry or deciding what to wear, think about what guidance you need in the day.  Perhaps it's strength, confidence, creativity or peace of mind.  Whatever it is, be more aware and you will begin to notice how your perspective changes with your jewelry!

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