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Friday, January 11, 2013

New pieces in my Etsy shop

This year is already proving to be very productive; I'm submitting all my papers for a practicing business in the state of North Carolina, I've decided which bank to, finally, open a business account and I've made several new pieces of jewelry.  

Within the past several weeks I've also been slowly setting up my studio and the metals studio at Art Avenue; getting an air compressor for my wax injector and getting the right tools.  It's costly but fortunately I've made some sales this month already and it helps fund all of this new equipment I need for the studio.  I'm also fortunate that my boyfriends dad is gifting me an oxygen and acetelyne tanks, along with a torch tip system.  It's so wonderful when your family and friends support your dream and do whatever they can to help, I'm a lucky lady!

So enough of studio talk, here are some new pieces I finished this week.  I really love the little geode and crystal earrings.  I've kept those geodes for about 6 months and finally got a chance to make them into something pretty to wear.  Also some new beaver teeth earrings added, these are slightly thinner than previous teeth earrings. 

I hope you like and thank you for reading!

Resurrection earrings - geode crystals (from Points of Light) and quartz crystal points.

The Hunted - Beaver teeth earrings

The Hunted Crow claw pendant with amethyst in bronze.

The Hunted - Triple Crow claw ring with rough aquamarine, 18kt gold plated bronze.
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