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Friday, January 25, 2013

Autumn Brown demo at the ECU symposium

As I stated in my previous ecu metals symposium blog post, there were so many great demos and visiting artists, and I was really excited to see my good friend Autumn Brown demonstrate how she combines metal and enamel with porcelain (cone 6).  I wasn't able to take extensive notes but I'm going to borrow words from the ECU Ceramics guild blog: "She fires the porcelain with the metal in an enameling kiln at 1500-1535 degrees F for approximately 10 minutes.  The decorative porcelain pieces are then set into constructed metal frames with clutching prongs that hold the porcelain into the metal backing."

My favorite part of how Autumn combines metal with clay is the use of copper wire placed on the porcelain making cool shapes or images.  She showed us how you can use thin 22 gauge wire to make a saw frame on the porcelain.

Autumn is an MFA alumni of the metals program received her BFA from the University of Georgia.  She currently teaches several courses at Pitt Community College (here in Gvegas), works out of her studio at Dirty Lamm, AND contributes to Greenville's newest gallery and studios over at Art Avenue -whew, she's busy! I met Autumn when I first moved to Greenville and she is a great source of knowledge for me and advice; I'd say she's my big sister metalsmith!

Autumn getting her demo ready.

Autumn's eery  yet goregous samples and pieces.

Linda Darty enamel and silver cups

Felicia Szorad necklace (enamel, silver, felt).

Kathryn Osgood's delicate yet strong pierced enamel pieces.

Above are several shots I snapped, very quickly between workshops, of the Enamel Exhibition. 

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