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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New pieces

Just got these photos back from my good friend Tara Locklear, aren't they great?  These pieces were both in my senior exhibition.  

My favorite is the Keeper necklace, it's such a statement piece that I can imagine a shaman wearing.  I call it the keeper because the turtle is said the be the keeper between realms of earth and water and combined with the beaver which is a builder of it's home, and is constantly working at perfect it's goal of building a dream.  

The Deep Sea necklace is very close to home for me, the black coral is from Panama and the ammonite was gifted to me from a dear friend (Kat Cole).  It represents the change in time and how water can transform wildlife to a state of permanency.  

I hope you like and thank you for visiting! 

The Keeper, cast bronze from a turtle shell, copper, silver and beaver teeth

The Keeper back detail.
Deap Sea necklace. Black coral, ammonite, and sterling silver. 

Deap Sea close up. 
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