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Friday, December 14, 2012

I've been bad...

about blogging! It was so hard to balance everything with graduating and my senior show that I just had to put this on the burner.

However, I come back with some amaze-aballs news?!  I got featured on one of my favorite websites - Refinery29!!! I love reading about fashion and general news they feature - especially the DC edition.  I was lucky enough to have Holly E. Thomas, the DC editor of Refinery29 to come to the trunk show at Redeem last Saturday night.  She is as uber-cool as you would think a DC fashionista would be. 

The trunk show was a great time, meeting new and old customers, such as John Michael of DC Dilemmas and seriously killer style - we share a love of international art. Also two of my old coworkers and friends from HRC came out, Tiffany Dean and Jeoff Lara - makes a girl feel loved!

I miss DC, and it's always good to go back and catch up and get a bit of the city life!

Below are some quick photos I snapped...forgot to take more with my better camera.
the display at Redeem
there is very sweet Holly Thomas checking out my jewelry!
And my new Eilisain Jewelry packaging!!! Per my hard as nails letterpress class!
Thanks for reading!
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