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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Numen: Divine Will or Power Exhibition

Last Saturday was the opening reception for my senior exhibition, titled Numen: Divine Will or Power.  It was one of the most exhilarating nights of my life, it was so special to share what I've worked on over the past three years with my family and friends.  And the best part of it all was that my older brother flew in from Brooklyn, NY (while sick) for the show!!! That really made my day.

I was smiling ear to ear the entire night.  I did the show with a fellow senior, Kendall Temotio, which I'm so glad I did, it was good to have someone to rely on while preparing for the show.  Kendall and I have a similar aesthetic, we both love organic materials and are inspired by nature; my style is more rough and aggressive whereas Kendall's has a more delicate and refined quality.  We had the show at Art Avenue of course, I love how much the community has pulled together in support of Art Avenue and having a space for art graduates to continue their work.  Andy Denton and Jeremy Finemen have been the two background players - setting up tracking lights and really improving the structure of the space.  I'm really looking forward to setting up my studio and working with Art Avenue to make it even better.

So here are some photos from the opening reception - it seriously turned into a big party, we had to eventually kick everyone out at 9pm (closing time) as Kendall and I wanted to celebrate afterwards with our friends and family. 

Window shot of my poster and deer antler.
We had so much food (and wine)!
Here I am cheesin' with my parents and older brother.  My family has been so supportive of my dreams.
It's Ellis, the Jewelry Dr. (aka my boss)! and his lovely wife Margaret.  I was SO happy he came for the show. 
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  1. you are so cute! i stumbled upon your jewelry and i love following what you're doing! keep up your great creativity!

  2. Awww, thank you Shirley! I love it that you stumbled upon my jewelry, hope you have a happy holiday season!