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Monday, February 13, 2012

Lumina Gem

This past weekend I drove down to Wilmington with my boyfriend and it was so nice to getaway from Greenville and explore a new city.

Wilmington is great because there are beautiful beaches, a diverse downtown scene with a waterfront and, from what I've encountered, a decent art scene.

While we were in town I figured we'd visit Lumina Gem, where Brad Bass runs his jewelry shop. Brad used to apprentice at the Jewelry Doctor, where I currently apprentice, you can see the influence Ellis has on his students, Brad's jewelry display is quite tasteful...there were several pieces I wanted to try on and dream of purchasing.

I really wanted to try on the pave set earrings.

Brad's shop, Lumina Gem, provides a wide range of services; custom designs, repairs, GIA-knowledgeable expertise and contemporary jewelry such as David Yurman and other fine jewelers. Beautiful display of fine jewelry.

Brad's goldsmith shows us his custom built bench.
*He even made another bench for his home studio.

Brad's office space.

When I returned to work at the Jewelry Doctor today I told Ellis I'd visited Brad's shop and he was so proud; you can tell he enjoys nurturing the future generation of jewelers.

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