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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preyed Upon Exhibition

The postcard designs and handmade letterpress posters have arrived!

The exhibition feels official and on it's way to getting out there in the world. I'm so very excited about the show. It's going to feature so many talented and diverse artists.

The show was created to showcase artwork inspired and influenced by the rich hunting culture and wildlife of North Carolina. Since I've moved to Eastern North Carolina, three years ago, I've found myself incorporating so many elements of my surroundings and remains of the animals in this region, whether it be deer antler, a turtle shell, beach glass, coral etc. my habitat has become a part of my work.

I'm also thrilled that the show will be held at Art Avenue, an up and coming contemporary artspace/gallery in Uptown Greenville. Claire Edwards, Director of Art Avenue has been amazing to work with, she gets the job done and knows who to talk to in order to get things done good and fast!

Below are images of work that will be featured in the exhibition. I don't have titles for the work but as you can see definitely touches upon each artists interpretation of hunting and wildlife.

Luke Price, 2012
(image not to be reproduced without permission)

(image not to be reproduced without permission)

Rachel Qualliotine 2012
(image not to be reproduced without permission)

Stay tuned for more images and information on the Preyed Upon Exhibition - and thank you for visiting my blog!
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