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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jewelry Doctor

Three days a week I work at the Jewelry Doctor, a jewelry repair shop here in Greenville. I assist Ellis in cleaning up jewelry and it's a pretty sweet experience, not only do I learn corny jokes but great repair tricks and methods to get the job done right and fast!

Ellis only hires students in the metals programs at ECU and I was fortunate to land this job through Miss Sarah West who used to work for Ellis, aka the Jewelry Doctor. And it certainly isn't easy finding a job likes this or talented Goldsmiths like Ellis.

Which brings me to another point - supporting local business' and their trade; it really is a rarity to have crafts people the way it used to be but part of me likes and hopes to believe that it is a profession that will always be alive.

So, support local craft workers and local business' it's good for you and the economy.

thanks for reading!

shot of my bench and clean up work
on a gold hoop and ring.
Ellis doing his thing - working magic on jewelry!

Entrance of the repair shop.

For some reason I love the sign and the blinging diamond.

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