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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

feeling bookish

My coffee table is littered with books, and it's like candy when I get home, which do I want to read first and then stop and pick up next?

Here are several that I'm reading:
Art Forms from the Ocean by Ernest Hackel

I bought this mainly for more inspiration and to educate myself on enchanting undersea creatures. As you have seen, I'm all about ocean forms in my work!

Russian Legends: Folk Tales and Fairy Tales by David Jackson, Patty Wageman and Ellen Rutten.

My friend Josh Craig loaned me this book. And it has beautiful images and stories.

The theme of fairy tales and imagery has also been showing up in my life, since I LOVE fantasy movies and stories. Along with my order of books I got Pan's Labyrinth, which I have so much more to post on later.

And on to my most recently acquired and prized books, Jewel by Tanel Veenre an exhibition in print.

I was able to get this book due to Charon Kranson's visit to ECU and sending us many juicy jewelry books that aren't available either stateside, out of print or just too expensive to order from half way across the globe!

I really, really dig Tanel's work, he uses a mix of organic, semi-precious and odd materials.

I've got one more book but can't remember the title, I'll post that tomorrow but for now this is my candy picks for the season. Pin It

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