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Monday, August 24, 2009

shiny new coral necklace!

So here is the necklace I redid from my previous post. Now, I am happy with my necklace, it's fun and subtle. I added a Panamanian 'reprosa' bead. Reprosa is short hand for Reproducciones y Originales, S.A.
My Mom has given me some reproductions of Pre-Columbian jewelry and I always love mixing it in the necklaces I make. They are very unique and completely recognizable. Most of the jewelry they create is indicative of the their surroundings, frogs, flowers, birds and much more. The Panama Post has a great article on their factory and process.

I'll have to visit their factory next time I visit Panama....which may be for awhile (since I'm in school and accruing debt). I LOVE visiting my family their, nothing like your native country to awaken patriotism. Don't get me wrong, I love the U.S. for all it's wonderful conveniences but when I travel to Panama, I'm brought back to my roots. Fried plantains, mango juice and the beautiful beaches.

The last time I was there I bought a lovely burnt coral necklace - I get so many compliments on it and so next time I'm there, I plan on investigating where I can get more! Pin It

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