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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

settling into my new home

It happened, I made the move to Greenville, NC to study at ECU's School of Art and design. Where many great jeweler's are studying and graduated (Amanda Outcalt, Mara Friedland, Marlene True and several others I can't even name).

I've been here for 6 days and am itching to start classes - not only to get into the groove of being a student but also to meet people! I only know 2 people here and I'm definitely beginning to miss my friends. However the solitude is just what I need but at the same time I've found myself wanting to indulge in a little vacation before all the work begins!

Needless to say, last night I sat down at my bench, after organizing all my equipment and things, and began to work on a coral necklace, using the beads my Mom gave me. In addition I drafted some initial sketches of ideas floating in my head. What I'm most looking forward to doing, now that I'll be a part time student is getting the wisdom and insight from professors and my fellow students on focusing and harnessing my design aesthetic. Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place in terms of what I'm working on that I get lost!

So I've decided to draft a document, a personal statement, on my goals, ideas and essence behind my work. At least I'll have it down on paper.

For now, check out Emi Savacool's work, I just discovered her last night on Daily Art Muse, she creates incredible jewelry pieces inspired and in the likeness of insects, beautiful beetles and bees. She does a great job of documenting her work on her blog, check it out.
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  1. this is very belated, but thanks so much for the plug!

    xoxo emi