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Monday, August 10, 2009

best for last

I've been MIA from my usual jewelry routine these past 2 weeks.

Dinner with old friends and drinks and many, many goodbyes have kept me from sketching or actual benchwork. Plus I know I'll have plenty of time in school.

My actually going back to school and leaving the DC are hit me like a ton of bricks on Saturday, my last day at the shop. My life is going to change dramatically, not to sound dramatic.

One thing I know, I am really looking forward to being in an artist's environment. Anywho, I've made slow progress working on my current projects. On Sunday at the torpedo factory I began a silver chain for the lotus enameled pendant. I've decided that's what I'm calling it. I enjoy making my own chains primarily because I design the structure.
And during the packing of this week, I'll continue to sketch and draft ideas for the eye and another project, involving absolutely beautiful coral beads my Mom bought at the worlds longest flea market - for a steal!!!
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