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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hairpin(Kanzashi) Fuchsia

Hairpin(Kanzashi) Fuchsia
Originally uploaded by Koubou-SETSU

Setsuko Sanagawa creates magnificent jewelry and art pieces such as this hairpin, it has an art nouveau essence. I'm enthralled. Her creativity challenges me. She is from Toronto, Canada and I'm very curious to know the origin of her name, very unique.

I find that often, music, to me, is the vocal expression of certain jewelry. I've been listening, relentlessly to a Feist song, 'Honey, Honey'. This hairpin would be a perfect manifestation of the Feist song. The song seems to swirl and move like water, just as this hairpin does.

This evening I began developing a necklace, for which I call The Eye. Greeks use a similar symbol as, the Third Eye to ward off evil. I had a sketch from a previous notebook and just happened to pull it out. I'd like to repoussee and combine 2 metals; silver and brass with a bloodstone.

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