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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auerlian Nights Fashion Show/Jewelry in Motion

 These past couple days have been SO crazy! I left Penland on Tuesday, got into Greenville late into the night and the very next day I was meeting with all the people who are working on the Aurelian Nights fashion show.

I miss Penland already however, I missed my cats much more.  I was cuddling with them the whole night.

Okay, so back to this fabulous fashion show I'm co-producing with Paula Chrismon of the Closet Consignment boutique.  The idea began several months ago after I wrapped up my own first photoshoot, I was talking it over with Paula how black and gold is such a rich and glamorous combination, that and that really we should collaborate on an event to celebrate to jewelry and clothing. 

So here we are and Paula and I are in the midst of going a bit crazy, but in a good way.  We will be publishing a lookbook for the show and a video! 

I'm also very thrilled about the roster of jewelers participating in the show, drum roll please....
Autumn Brown
Danielle James
Drew Curtright
Brittany Brisson
Lisette Fee
Margaret Hinrichs
Biba Schutz
Ellen Hinrichs
Leia Zumbro
Samantha Clarke
Amir Friedman

I will have more images of the jewelry soon, all will be photographed by either myself or Brittany.  So stay tuned! 

GeoJane necklace by Brittany Brisson photo by Brittany Brisson and property of Miss Brisson.
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  1. This event is going to be amazing and I'm sure the start to a fabulous yearly event. :)