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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Studio visit with Joanna Gollberg

Two days ago, our Kinetic Adornments class took a field trip into Asheville to visit several artists' studios and also check out galleries. 

We were so lucky to have Shana Loconsole in our class; she knows and works for several artists in Asheville and she was able to use her connections to get us a special tour of these artists.  I'll be posting photos of the visits over the next several days.  

Our first stop was Mora Jewelry, and Joanna Gollberg's amazing studio.  Joanna was so gracious, knowledgeable and forthcoming with her struggles and success' as a jeweler and co-gallery owner with Marthe Le Van (Mora Collection Jewelry).  Joanna has such a great studio space and methods for working with a wide variety of stones. 

Below are photos I snapped, hope you enjoy!

Bench of Jeff, who co-rents the studio with Joanna.

Shana and her brother looking over Joanna's bench, as well as Shana's bench.

An ingenious system for drawing down wire!

Joanna being her funny, smart and generous with her time! 

SO envious of her stone collection, was like being in a candy store!!

laid out pieces and jewelry ready for stones to be set.

Our class (minus 3 students).  We've become a little family over the past two weeks.
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