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Monday, August 12, 2013

Studio visit with Hoss Haley

My Penland adventure continues with the studio visit of Hoss Haley, sculptor and overall badass guy.  Hoss was very gracious and informative of his experience working with basic tools and his ingenious engineering skills.

Hoss told of us his childhood growing up in Kansas, being around farm tools and machinery that provided him with the understanding and basics of making his own tools.  Hoss began as a blacksmith but over time realized the toll it would take on his body so he moved towards larger scale sculpture, utilizing scrapyard material to form his pieces.  Hoss is often commissioned to create city sculptures and installations.  

All of the students in the session 5 Kinetic Adornments course were in awe of Hoss and his studio.  His tool collection is impressive, as are his model pieces. 

Below are the photos I snapped of his studio and office.  Hope you enjoy them!

Hoss showing us some car parts he plans on forming into pieces.

This machine was like a giant dapping tool.  Loud but awesome!
A piece still in the early phases.
like water rippling from the center.

Neela (an architect) was enraptured by Hoss's samples

I really loved this white steel anvil.

Perfect place to hang your studio glasses.
A giant c clamp.

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