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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to care for your jewelry

18kt gold plated crow claw ring and amethyst.
I've been thinking this over the past couple days, how frustrating it can be when people come to the Jewelry Dr. (where I work as a repair assistant part time) and are baffled that their jewelry broke or why a stone came loose, etc.   Then it got me thinking, well no wonder they don't know why their jewelry broke...because, maybe no one told them how to take care of it!

Most jewelry doesn't come with 'how to' instructions, but they really should.  For example, plated jewelry (gold and silver plating) must be removed from the body before coming in contact with soap or water, because if you don't the plating will come off.

So here are some simple steps on how to care for Eilisain Jewelry as well as any other jewelry.

1.  Remove your jewelry before washing your hands or any contact with water IF it is gold or silver plated AND if there is a sensitive stone/gem.

2.  Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or a bag with chalk (especially if it is silver, chalk prevents tarnishing).

3.  Check your jewelry and look at it closely from time to time (say once a month, if you wear it often).  The way I check for loose stones and diamonds at the jewelry dr. is I run my fingernail along the edge of the stone, if the stone moves...well then it needs to be tightened.

4.  Also remove your jewelry if it has been epoxyed, aka glued.  Some of my stones are additionally set with epoxy.  Epoxy is a very strong adhesive for metal objects - most jewelry out there has epoxy in it, even fancy (aka expensive) and commercial jewelry.

5.  And even if you've checked your jewelry yourself, take your most prized jewelry once or twice a year to a jeweler to have them inspect it professionally.  Most of the time this is free, unless it needs repair.

6.  POLISHing:  There are several methods to polishing your jewelry.  One is to buy the soapy liquid at the store...those never seem to work! A polishing cloth is great, you can usually buy one at a fancy jewelry shop or maybe at Michaels.  Sometimes just an old soft tshirt does the job. Dish soap works just as well, use your hands and gently clean your jewelry with just a teeny bit of soap.  Then dry with a soft cloth.

I hope that these tips help you in caring for your jewelry.  I know I do it myself because, I LOVE my jewelry and I don't want to lose it or have it damaged!

Thanks for reading.
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