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Friday, August 31, 2012

SALE in honor of Labor day weekend and Fall

I haven't had a sale in awhile and I thought, this is the perfect time, change in seasons and wardrobe - both of which I love. 

Much of my jewelry is made from animal (parts - found, not harmed) that in some way symbolize change and movement with the seasons; the crow for example is associated with being a messenger, often of death but also for humans many centuries ago - transporting messages to and from long distances.

So with that I give you 12% off all my jewelry for the ENTIRE month of September!!! The coupon code for the 12% off my Eilisain Etsy shop is: FALL12.

Below is a new listing; the original crow claw but plated in 18kt gold.  The crow is clutching a deep dark black tourmaline. 
Get it while it's HOT and on SALE!
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy this long weekend (for my US friends).
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