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Friday, August 3, 2012

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours

Show n' tell at Penland is alot of fun, it's a very informal exhibition where we get to see what everyone has made over the session. I especially enjoy it because everyone is giddy and excited to talk about the process and geek out over handmade objects.

It's also great because you can buy your friends work and get very beautifully handcrafted pieces for a great price! 

Here are some photos I snapped:

Lillia Hernandez's "Baby Muerte" eye glasses. 

A gut purse!

Fabric sculptures

Letter press and Printmaking. 

Amir talking about his process. 

Very beautiful handmade books.  I LOVED them.

My dear friend Carrrrol talking about her many jewelry pieces.

Folded paper, these were so intricate and a wonder to absorb.

I really loved this book.

Gut sculpture.

Wonderfully abstract paintings. (Ignore that orange cord!)

Iron sandwiches!

Textile samples from Natalie Chanin's class.

Portraiture on clay.  These were wonderful.

My friend Mariah's hand and moth.  She was collecting tons of moths!

This is really adorable, a pop up and cut out Penland postcard.

Funny glass pieces by 'Big' John
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