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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purchase handmade goods for the holidays

Last night I worked the booth at the ECU holiday sale, it was somewhat dead, we had some lookers and purchases - specifically one of my test pieces! It always surprises me when customers buy jewelry of mine that I'm not that wild about or something that I absent mindedly put together. That's why I don't hesitate anymore to sell pieces that I don't 'think' will sell because ya never know!
We did a great job of displaying the jewelry, credit goes to grad student Kat Cole, she put out some risers that worked really well with the colors of our work.

And we had alot of work to display - this year many of the grad students cranked out some pieces. I meant to bust out work...but was just too busy with my two part time jobs and classes.

Anywho, I truly recommend you consider buying handmade work this year, there really is nothing like giving presents that are made with love and care.

Some of my friends (past co-workers) are selling their crafts - if you're in the DC metro area or here in Greenville - you can check them out here:

Happy shopping!

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