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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

woodworking advice

Working with a new medium is similar to making a new friend. May sound like an odd analogy but hear me out. You have to get to know a person to know and understand their quirks, personality and reactions to work well with them.

Such as wood; I am still a bit intimidated by the power of the tools and also taking a risk with a cut, a design and execution. But I am getting comfortable handling the machines and ALWAYS having respect for them. At first I had the same sentiments with metalsmithing but now, metal and I are besties. I still have my good and bad days but we always get along.

With that said, I'm doing some research on wood and came across Kent Perdue, via Crafthaus. His work is fascinating; his technical skills are impressive. He's also good with instructional videos.

Which is perfect in my attempt to get to know my new friend, wood. I've been doing okay so far with my jewelry box in my wood survey class but watching videos really help to imbed in my mind the techniques.

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