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Friday, November 5, 2010

what do you see?

These two panels of wood will be the doors for my jewelry box that I'm making in Wood Survey.

Or at least trying to make. I've been a little slow in my progress. We only have access to one wood shop this semester (the other was shut down) so we've got lots of people in the studio trying to use the same machine. And I've been procrastinating too. It takes a lot of energy and careful measurements to create a good wood project.

However working with a new material is challenging to the senses and mind. Many factors must be considered. Wood has the most beautiful patterns; such as above.

Today I tried to be very careful treating my wood, my teacher helped me plane the panels but then we decided to hand plane the wood so as not to tear out the knot above.

One step at a time...hence slow progress.

P.S. I see a face, a mean face.
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