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Friday, November 26, 2010

Featured Artist: Sarah West

When I first moved to Greenville and started classes at ECU, I didn't know anyone and in the studio it was even more awkward as I wasn't even taking jewelry/metals classes because I had to take my foundation (figure drawing and design) classes.

However I was allowed to have bench space and Sarah West was the first friend I made in the studio. She was really nice, welcoming and friendly.

Sarah is very talented and knowledgeable. Sarah is the person in the studio that almost everyone goes to when they need advice, feedback or help with their work. She's also there for a good laugh or when you need to vent...which I've done a few times.

Sarah also works part time at the Jewelry Doctor and asked me to replace her earlier this summer while she was studying abroad. I felt really lucky to get that opportunity!

Here are photos of some of her award winning work.
The above champleve brooches are my favorite.
The brooches above are somewhat deceiving from above but when you look at the side of them, you can see how much work and time it took Sarah to make them.You can see more of Sarah Wests work here. Pin It

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