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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

at the bench

This past Sunday I studio sat at the Torpedo Factory for Jenae Michelle whom makes very cool and stylish handbags. While I'm 'sitting', I work on my own jewelry! I began a 2 shank silver ring with an agate ring.

The cab and bezel setting.

Range of Emotion, handbags by Jenae Michelle. I've been lusting for one of her bags!

Dawn Benedetto is the other artist sharing studio 262, Dawn is the creator of Poppi Jewelry . I'm really going to miss the wonderful creative enviroment on that I've been blessed to be a part of. I first began part time making the rings and earrings for Dawn and from there she connected me with other jewelers; since then my experience continued.

Tonight was my last enameling class and it was sad - Abby Goldblatt has been another wonderful blessing. Ramune brought cupcakes and I brought a four pack of white wine for Abby, Rae and I to drink.

I began working on the chain for my painting inspired pendant. I am worried though that I made them to thick and thus too much for the entire necklace. I need to let the idea marinate.

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