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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not motivated

Last week I was completely lazy in doing anything jewelry related. I didn’t even sketch! I think it’s okay to take a timeout and let your brain absorb and rest – we need that, I definitely need that.

I also blame it on the extended weekend in celebration of Independence Day. I really enjoyed it too, went to the pool, watched movies all day Sunday. Those are the best days!

Anywho, I’m back this week and trying to get myself back in the swing of things. I had my enameling class last night, and I was still not as motivated to work on my current projects. But I did make good progress. I’m working on this one piece that requires layering different colors and it’s painstaking but I think it’ll look really cool in the end – so it’s worth it! And here is the other…

it’s growing on me, I first enameled a bright yellow that I’d planned on complementing with a transparent yellow…didn’t work out the way I’d planned. Nonetheless I’m layering a beige on top to tone it down. I’m very happy with the shape. Flames seem to be a theme that comes up in many of my pieces. I’m already formulating my

*I apologize for my crappy pictures...my camera was NOT meant to take pictures of jewelry, much less anything that needs detail.

Moving on, new fashions have been released and Christian Lacroix stunned the fashion world with his recent collection. It’s truly magnificent and reminds me of old paintings and Catholic images. I want to be that woman, with the black open back dress going to a fancy dinner and wearing my own jewelry.

Psst. if I could pick several wedding dresses...this just might be one of them, being married in a castle...

You'd probably ask, well what jewelry would I wear? of course my own and what would it look like?I'd have to sketch that out however, this is one ring I'd wear around the celebrations:

Queen Min Ring; 18kt gold and hand carved amethyst. Which brings me to a subject I've been thinking about lately, higher level or more to the point corporate, mass produced jewelry - do these individuals that represent the brand, for example Wendy Brandes...make any of it? At what level are they involved? I don't know...but for any jewelry I buy, in the future that isn't antique, I'd much rather buy from someone that is completely involved in it's production. If anything, know how to make it. That's my 2 cents on it. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the design and thought behind it(if they are truly hers). Wendy does have a blog, but she doesn't really cover much about her design or overall process.

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