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Sunday, July 5, 2009

They don't make this kind of jewelry anymore

Well, maybe they do...it's a phrase my Mom uses whenever she gives me any of her old jewelry. As if to say "you better appreciate this because there aren't many of it's kind." which is true. And I love it when she says it...one day I'll be saying it to my daughter!

I just got this book recently and though its short on the text, it is a great book with beautiful images of Byzantine, Egyptian, Levant, Persian and Mesopotamian jewelry. It truly is amazing how jewelers were able to fabricate jewelry in those times without the many conveniences and tools we have now however the methods and technologies are relatively the same. We must still use our hammers, anvils, sanding papers and stone setting tools that they used.
My anthropological studies as my undergrad degree certainly come through with my studies of jewelry. I absolutely enjoy the history and repetition of history in the jewelry making process. Pin It

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