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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's official...I'm going to ECU

Like a storm gathering in the distance or mold slowly growing on fruit (that's a fun analogy), I've been building and preparing for going to art school to study metalsmithing and jewelry for the past two years. Taking enameling courses, working weekends at Lawrence Miller & Co., working at craft shows - whatever I could do to build a resume and knowledge.
It's been a dream of mine to study full time. My dream has partially come through.
A long and complicated story, I was initially declined from my application to the MFA program at ECU. I knew it was a long shot, considering the small graduate program, the fantastic professors and art school ECU boasts, needless to say I was sad. However, one glimmer of hope was that I could attend the undergrad BFA program and re-apply. I was willing to go with that option.
That was one hurdle, I figured financial aid would be a breeze. No! Because I'm obtaining a 2nd degree option and as an out of state student...they didn't award me much.
So I'm going part time, which is fine, I can build residency in NC and then get in state tuition after 1year.
I've never wanted anything so bad. I'm reminded of an Indigo Girls song, 'Closer to find'. I'm closer to find my vision and voice as a jeweler.
Did that sound corny enough? I don't care.
Here's another crappy photo of one of my new pieces, my second try at prong settings. I've had this stone for awhile and finally set it in sterling silver.
When I'm in school I'll have awesome equipment to take photos of my jewelry AND I can take art classes in fashion, painting...well, one at a time...since I'm going part time. Doesn't matter, I'm getting the heck out of dodge, moving to a new town and living by myself!!!!
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