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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Having a teammate

Ya'll have heard me sing the praises of having Ashton Neibel in the studio, and it's true.  Not only is it fantastic having her assistance but also it's amazing having someone to bounce off ideas and share the ups and downs of being a jeweler.

I look back over the past six months of having Ashton in the studio with me and I cringe to think of how I would've survived if I hadn't had her help.  Obviously I'd survived but it would've been incredibly stressful.
It's not just having her help that has made my life in the studio easier but also mentoring Ashton and watching her grow has given me a sense of purpose, pride and made me more aware of my habits and work ethic.

So here are some fun and candid shots Aileen Devlin took of us in the studio.  Laughing, working and being silly.  Oh and side note, can you tell I love to accumulate notes, inspirational cards and stuff?!

This is the true spirit of my studio, being real and having fun!

On the grind, literally.

Talking out ideas, upcoming events and our adventures from the weekend.

We're trying to be cool here. 
Ashton Neibel in the zone...jewelry zone
Thank you for reading and indulging me in celebrating my amazing intern!
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